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Our cannabis clones for sale in California are the first step in your growing process so we understand the importance on our end to provide a product that will put you in the driver’s seat towards a successful harvest. Our state-of-the-art facility is set up to produce consistent clean, quality clones at a commercial level.

4in Cubes

Our 4 in cubes are for growers looking to transplant earlier with a more mature plant that is ready for veg sooner than our clones. We pinch and space our 4 in to allow for an even canopy and uniformity across the board. Depending on the space that you grow in, we can propagate the 4 in cubes to your standards.

Service 24/7, 365 days a year

Here at Grassroots Nursery, we propagate on a year-round basis. Dependent on season, we switch our focus on strains that we believe will fare better. On top of that we carry strains that we know will perform better in certain conditions. A lot of consideration & thought from our R&D team go into deciding which strains to grow in the nursery. Contact us to learn more about which strains would best serve your grow and our cannabis clones for sale in California. 


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