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In 2020, cannabis sales in California hit $4.4 billion1. That’s a 57% increase from 2019. The cannabis industry is already well-established in the West Coast state. The Golden State is legendary for its history of producing some of the world’s most potent plants. Clones are essential to maintain the quality expected from exotic cannabis consumers in California.

Family-Owned & Operated California-Licensed Grower

Grassroots Nursery is the answer to your large or small farm needs. The cannabis nursery is a family-, minority-, and woman-owned business with over 100 years of combined experience cultivating plants in California. It serves licensed indoor and outdoor growers throughout most of the state, including but not limited to Humboldt County, the Oakland area, and Central Valley. cannabis clones california

Additionally, Grassroots Nursery sales reach licensed growers in Southern California. The premium producing nursery has a large, state-of-the-art grow facility that produces high-quality clones to help indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growers get a quick start on providing potent, healthy starters for their premium cannabis brand. 

Premium Cannabis Clones

With Grassroots Nursery, you’ll never have to worry about male plants or hermaphrodites ruining your crop. The pollen from these never touches the clones. Each one maintains the perfect potency and zero seeds. The high-tech facility absorbs much of the main expenses of growing premium cannabis. The initial grow stages require the most amount of water and light. Additionally, clones allow you to reduce grow time and increase yield. These benefits all reduce the overall cost of cannabis cultivation in California. 

Commercial Level Cannabis Nursery 

The licensed California nursery’s state-of-the-art facility is set up to produce wholesale clones. It happily serves all-size California-licensed growers and farms. So whether your business needs a few hundred premium cannabis clones or a couple thousand, Grassroots Nursery located in the East Bay, can help you prepare for the next round of top-level cannabis flowers. Another advantage of using a commercial nursery is the variety. Growing several strains at a wholesale level takes a lot of time and expertise. When you choose a facility specializing in exotic clones, you can select the different flowers and qualities, and the wholesaler does the rest. 

Stay Consistent with Grassroots Nursery Clones

The key to keeping customers coming back is consistency. Grassroots Nursery offers many of the top-selling strains available. Growing from seeds is a way to reduce costs. However, it won’t give you the consistency necessary to boost business. With a commercial nursery, you can offer customers the choice of multiple strains without all the extra work.

Too many areas of cultivation can go wrong with seeds. Plus, you’ll rarely get the same phenotype with every harvest. Cannabis consumers are particular about flowers. In particular, consistent THC levels, flavors, and tastes. Any differences in the first few weeks of cultivation can ruin the consistency and send buyers to other brands. grassroots nursery cannabis

Trust Grassroots Nursery with all your commercial clone propagation needs. The family-owned business with a long history in the agricultural industry is licensed to provide premium clones to businesses throughout the area. Don’t lose an entire crop because of a poor start to your season. Instead, begin with top-shelf clones and turn your brand’s buds into the most sought-after on the West Coast. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality plants.


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