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Grassroots Nursery is open for business! The path to being operational was a long one, but we have finally opened our doors. We want to welcome all licensed growers in the State of California to do business with us.

Our team was prepared to retrofit this greenhouse to be a showcase for all cannabis nurseries. The vision was clear – Grassroots Nursery would be state of the art.

Back in March of 2020, the world was put on pause with the outbreak of Covid-19. Around the same time, Grassroots Nursery was just getting started. The greenhouse we purchased needed a lot of TLC to meet the vision we had for our nursery!

Our first step was to lay down concrete floors with proper drainage to allow us to install rolling benches. Rolling benches were a no brainer when taxed on the permitted square footage that you’re allowed to grow plants under. The benches will maximize our plant count, and give our plants a clean space to grow.

After that we took all of the other necessary retrofits to make our greenhouse top notch! We installed misting systems throughout our propagation room, and installed sensors to always be on top of the temperature and humidity levels.

You’ll notice the pink lights with some of our most recent photos of the greenhouse, and those are our newly installed LED lights. The decision to go with LED lights in our nursery was to insure compact growth as well as accelerated growth overall with our plants.

Cooling pads were installed on the east side of our greenhouse as a measure to control the temperature. Sunol can get pretty warm, and with the humidity from the misters we needed to control the overall temperature of the greenhouse. These pads will collect moisture, and our gutters will recycle the water.

Now begins the real fun! We are ramping up production, and are looking to take orders beginning as soon as late March-early April.

Your harvest starts here!

Grassroots Nursery

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